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Providing NKFR members the tools necessary to post availability, request leave time, view the current month’s schedule, and view associated printable PDF forms to streamline department staffing communications in order to enhance community coverage.

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The Request For Leave link provides a printable PDF document for use by full time staff.   The PDF contains highlighted fields that can be filled in on the computer before printing.  Form must be printed for applying signatures.  When complete, the form must be FAXED, Scanned/Emailed, or Hand Delivered to Fire-Rescue Administration; attention: Chief Baber.

NKFR must always  maintain some fluid characteristics within the scheduling system, however it is also important to provide information to our members that allow them an opportunity to better plan their life.

At the completion of each 21 day cycle, the full-time employee will be required to submit a completed and signed timesheet to their immediate supervisor.

At the completion of each week, the part-time employee will be required to submit a completed and signed timesheet to NKFR by any of the following methods: 

Scan and email the completed and signed timesheet to

Fax the completed and signed timesheet to 804-966-2903

Deliver the completed and signed timesheet to Fire Administration

All timesheets are the responsibility of the employee and any timesheet not received by the close of business on Monday may result in those hours worked in the previous week being placed on the next pay cycle.   

Community Updates

FireSafe Family VA App

FireSafe Family VA App

FireSafe Family VA presented by Virginia’s Department of Fire Programs

A new home fire safety mobile application available as a free download for your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Download your free copy today!

Use the links below for more information:


Heat Safety

Heat Safety

Heat is one of the leading weather-related killer in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year.  Use the following weblinks to learn more about the dangers of extreme heat and steps you can take to stay safe when working and playing in our summer weather.

National Weather Service; HEAT: A Major Killer



New Volunteer Orientations Announced

New Volunteer Orientations Announced

Volunteer Orientation Information

Interested in volunteering with New Kent Fire-Rescue Fire?  Fill out a Volunteer Application and then join us at our monthly orientation.

The 2017 New Volunteer Member Orientations will be held on the following Wednesday dates: January 25th; March 29th; May 31st; July 26th; September 27th; and November 29th.  Attendance at only one of the orientations is required.  The start time and location for each date is 7:00 PM (please arrive early)  in the training room at Fire Station 1 (Providence Forge) located at 4315 North Courthouse Road, Providence Forge, VA 23140.


Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

September is National Preparedness Month. Pledge to Prepare by joining the National Preparedness Coalition now! Empower yourself and help coordinate preparedness activities for your family, neighbors and co-workers, and those with whom you may study or worship. On the linked page be sure to check out all the navigation buttons along the top row… About; Hazards; Activities; and Stories.

Additional resources include the ReadyVA and websites

Is your Disaster Kit Stocked? Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to 8.5 million customers for seven days. Make sure your disaster kit is up-to-date and you have a plan in place for your family. Help others in your community take steps to prepare as well. Use this infographic to help you and your family stay safe before and after their power goes out and share this information with you friends and neighbors.


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